What day is it today?

Shows the current date: year, month, and day of the week today in your time zone.

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Today is Friday
May 24, 2024
4:00:00 PM
Your time zone is UTC, UTC0

Other ways to find out what is the date today

You have already chosen an extraordinary way to find out the date today - you've Googled it! Usually, people find the answer to this question on their smartphone's lock screen or in the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar. But if these methods are not enough for you and seem too boring, try alternative and undoubtedly exciting methods. For example, you can shout out of an open window: "What's the date today?" and hope for the responsiveness of passers-by. Or go on a trip to the nearest grocery store and study the dates on fresh milk or eggs. An even more modern and technological way is to ask ChatGPT! There are many methods - after all, who said that finding out the current date should be boring?